Abi and Jack

Abi and Jack

Northbrook Park  |  Surrey

Abi and I met ten years ago, working in an office in Manchester. After a couple of job changes, a few house moves and far too many anniversaries we became fiancees on a bridge in Central Park. In September 2018 we finally tied the knot at Northbrook Park, surrounded by our friends and families.

I have so many amazing memories of the day, but the one that really stands out is when Abi came through the doors of the Vine Room in her dress. I’d kept it together until that point but she looked so beautiful, and as she walked the length of the aisle towards me I was fighting back tears. Luckily all eyes were on her!

The best piece of advice we could offer to others planning their wedding would be to research and choose your suppliers carefully. We did, and not only did it reduce our workload hugely in the run-up to the day, but we benefitted from a photographer, a wedding planner, a florist, a caterer and a venue who all actively contributed to making our day exactly as we had imagined it.

Thank you so much! These photos are amazing – as we knew they would be. You’ve captured some really beautiful moments. 

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