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“These are the best wedding pictures I have seen, simply beautiful”

Yasmin & Jack

“We were absolutely blown away. The pictures were breath-taking, simply stunning. Nick really captured the essence of our wedding… Such beautiful memories of not only us, but of our dearest family and friends enjoying our day. We can’t thank Nick enough for the pictures he has produced – Brilliant!”

“This guy is amazing at capturing light”

Amanda & Alex

“From the moment we contacted Nick he was fantastic – a great personality and very approachable. I’ve been to a number of weddings and I’ve seen how people can be treated by photographers. Nick’s approach, much like his work, was nothing short of awesome. He knew what he needed to do to get the shots and he was excellent at conveying that to us. We were really impressed with the way he handled family shots (with a couple of toddlers in some of them) and he was fun. His photographs look stunning; far better than anything else I’ve seen. This guy is amazing at capturing light. The photos really were exceptional; the venue had tricky lighting with shadows and odd shaped windows. I don’t know how Nick managed to capture the range of tones. One such example was how he captured shafts of light coming through a window without compromising any other qualities of the space; It was absolutely breathtaking and he took photos like this many, many times over during the day. When we booked I originally thought he was going to be a good photographer, so I had very high expectations. Nick absolutely blew past those expectations in every sense. We couldn’t have been happier with his work.”